Allergy desensitization technique

We are not sick, we are poisoned.

Most people think that we live here with very clean air in Estonia. The air is certainly better than in the large population centers of the world. But people here get sick too.

Today’s available medical therapies present a revolutionary way to treat the biochemical components of chronic illnesses.

What is an allergy?

An organism reacts to a substance in such a way that the reaction itself is harmful, more harmful than the substance itself, for example, an anaphylactic shock reaction to a wasp sting. The body reacts to a small amount of poison as if it were a great amount.  The organism is sensitive (multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome).  It sometimes reacts to itself as if it were foreign.  This is a cause of many autoimmune diseases.

With this desensitization technique, it is possible to bring the body back into harmony with itself.

Allergies, back pain, blood pressure problems, headaches, skin problems, as well as acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, Asthma, Depression, seizures, heart attacks, cancer, diabetes, weight problems, arthritis, arthrosis, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, deontology, borreliosis, etc.

Especially for children and youth: Anorexia, learning disabilities and attention deficit disorders, aggressiveness, hyperactivity, drugs, alcohol, smoking. (What to do with this list of illnesses?)

Often in medicine is the problem that the connective tissues of our bodies or their communication systems seem toxic and block treatment and therapies, for example in the case of Wilson’s disease, excess copper builds up in the liver although there may be copper deficits elsewhere in the body.

In cases of heavy metals, environmental pollutants (e.g. car fumes), food poisoning, vaccinations, antibiotics, cortisone, narcotics, medicines, allergens, radiation, photon emitter in combination with kinesiology and psycho-kinesiology can in these cases work wonders, succeeding where months and sometimes even years of therapy did not. We have to test which combination each person needs, to free the blocks in his or her system.

We should differentiate between the two systems in our life.

First: the body made of water, salt and minerals functions independently like a machine.  We don’t have to tell it how often the heart must beat or how the kidneys need to work, or how often it must breathe and that it needs to eat until it is full.  We also need not tell it how long it must sleep to detoxify itself.  It tells us, as soon as we yawn.

Second: our soul lives in this body. We do not see the soul but it has an important function and purpose in our lives.

As long as our body works and is healthy, we can live our lives and dreams. But if this body is blocked by heavy metals, medicine, poisons, or allergens, the organs cannot function properly anymore and that means that the life’s energy flow is disrupted.  Organs are then overstrained or underworked, and the balance is thrown off. And we become sick, experience pains and our movement is hindered.  At this point, we should wake up and think about our daily life and environment.

Heavy metals live in our body not outside of our cells but inside and are not visible in a blood analysis.  It is, however, possible to recognize heavy metals in a hair analysis – although costly. Because our hair is full of shampoo, gel, hairspray and color, we have to get to the nucleus of the cells of the hair in order to analyze it.

Our body needs heavy metals and light metals in small amounts, because they belong in the group of minerals that is a part of our body. The job of natural healing is to discover how to fix this balance of in our bodies, which metals are too few, which too many and which none at all.

Very recently, there is a new way to recognize these metals, poisons and allergens and disruptions via the psychological meridian. It is even possible to determine when in time this problem arose. And it is with this picture in mind that we star the therapy and healing process.

Our psyche works with pictures and when these negative pictures, like little demons always return, then at some point, our body reacts with symptoms.

A sickness always begins in the head. And the healing starts there too.

Too much antibiotics and cortisone block our lymph system (the detoxification system in our body), which coordinates with our circulatory system.  They pollute our organs and this is how our circulation becomes disrupted.

Antibiotics and Cortisone are in some cases necessary, but we have to sometimes avoid them so that our organs can learn again to functional normally without them.

Allergies and skin problems that afflict us on a daily basis 90% of the time are caused by a metal overdose and affect mostly the lungs and the bowels.  Back pains are 85% of the time caused by a psychological problem from the childhood and often linked with metals.  Therefore, these 2 blockades have to be removed so the energy can properly flow through our bodies again.

In the other listed illnesses, possible causes include metal overdose or deficit, environmental pollutants, food poisioning, medicines or allergens.