Crystal Light Therapy

Many doctors practicing in East Asia, Africa and South America search illnesses from the soul at first and only then try to impair the body. The approach of several Japanese and American native people is to study first and foremost the family, life style or environment of the diseased person. Moving on from here it would be wise to guess that the complaints (illness, stress, bad relationship) refer in some part to the illness of the whole essence and vice versa. If we believe that we are bad then it may cause bad feeling, make us think bad thoughts about others and finally lead to physically bad feeling. This is quite clear that this can happen only when the body, soul and mind are connected to each other.

The holistic approach finds that human beings have an ability to treat themselves, i.e. move back to normal balance condition in large part by „leading themselves“. The balance is a harmony between the body, soul and mind and a harmony between a human being and surrounding environment. Harmonised persons are in life flow and use their potential in a creative way, feel satisfied with themselves and their activities. Attention is targeted to persons, not to their illnesses.

Since ancient times, the quartz crystals have been valued for their healing and purifying properties. These crystals are helping in case of self-healing; they are helping to bring the spirit, body and mind to integrity and harmony.

The mechanism of the crystal light therapy is called Crystal Bed (Crystal Bed Therapy – a world famous name of this therapy), the most important part of which is a construction with the mountain crystals on the top of the multipartite levers.

The quartz crystals used in the therapy have developed in the bowels of the earth from gas and minerals 2 million years ago. This therapy is based on the principle of triple treatment: music, crystals and colourful light that create vibrations, the frequencies of which balance person’s energy systems through the chakras or energy centres. The main presumption for good health is indeed the free movement of energy in chakras.

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