Testing the energetic state of organs and meridians  1 hour 40€
Psychic block analysis test 1 hour 40€
Testing periodical system of 109 elements 1 hour 40€
Tests 1-3 ca. 2 hours 120€
Treatment plan 20€
Cleansing reiki 1,5 hours 49€
Reiki with crystals, minerals and salts 1 hour
Herbal Therapy 1 hour
Energetical Salt Stone Massage 1 hour
Crystal Acupuncture 1 hour
Kinesiology 1 hour
Kinesiology to clear causes of allergies 1 hour
Cleaning toxic heavy metals from the body (1 element)
Sound Therapy 1 hour
Stimulation of energy chakras with minerals or crystals 1 hour
Face massage with minerals 1 hour
Reflexology with crystals (face, arms, feet) 1 hour
Massage with hot and cold stones 1 hour
Harmonizing massage with amber 1 hour
Psychic cleansing (According to psychokinesiology) 1 year

Prices vary according to problems, consalting ang treatment.
Prices does not include taxes.