Psychokinesiology  – a new therapy


Psychokinesiology combines class kinesiology with the latest findings from brain research and psychology, together presenting a new type of treatment in psychosomatic medicine.  A simple and effective connection between the body and psychotherapy.

Sicknesses often have at their roots unsolvable problems, which in turn actually go back to traumatic events in the past.

Psychokinesiology uses the signals of the body to uncover the spiritual sources.  Physical symptoms or extreme pressures to perform suggest, that a conflict “must be resolved.”

Psychokinesiology is a real proven life treatment that deals concretely with our life and the everyday life of the future. It opens the way to personal growth and gives the chance to see life in a more positive and successful way.  Psychokinesiology offers help not only the ill but also to those who are frustrated and looking to internal growth to recognize and conquer life’s barriers and blockades, which are anchored deep in ourselves.

Special events in our lives:

Conflicts in the womb, traumas at birth, the births of siblings, changing schools, moving, job changes, start of puberty, sexual abuse, fear of death (ex. car accident), death of a loved one, spiritual conflicts in the family, abortion, separation of the parents, war, addiction (smoking, alcohol, drugs, gambling), dependency and much more.

Every illness has its own personal psychological cause, whose images are connected to our emotions.  With a psychoblockanalysis and frequency test it is possible to determine the year, the months and even the hour of these causes.

The limbic system in our brains allows us to save our emotional images or memories and that fact that we can recall them again is astounding.  To successfully turn off emotional blockades, it is necessary to relive these traumatic moments, to box, shake out or force these stagnate emotions out of our bodies. Only so can we holistically be free again in body, mind and soul, having dissolved these blockades.  Patients then feel relieved and more easy going, and the limbic system can once again recall all the pages of our saved images so we can more freely go about our lives and make better decisions without conflicts from internal psychological blocks or force.

This new therapy is especially helpful in these situations:

Back pain, allergies, depression, difficulties in school and learning disabilities, sleeping disorders, asthma, problems with the lungs, dermatitis, psoriasis and other skin problems, migraines, heavy metals blocks and many other ailments.